Why Monkeys Do Not Make Good Pets

A pet brown capuchin monkey tied up at a rest stop along the Inca Trail, Peru.

Many people want to have a monkey as a pet after watching movies or cartoons. Monkeys come across as intelligent, playful and friendly animals besides looking cute and endearing. So, it is quite natural to want one as a pet. However, whether monkeys make good pets or not is a big question.

A thing to remember is that monkeys get quite aggressive when they reach sexual maturity. They are prone to mood swings. So, this can be difficult to handle. In addition, they tend to place with their feces and throw it around. Also, they are known to throw food and other items. Above all, monkeys are carriers of some lethal viruses, such as herpes B. Herpes B can be dangerous for humans.

Many people tend to adopt monkeys because they do not have kids. So, they are willing to spend large sums of money required to bring up monkeys as pets. A monkey can cost thousands of dollars annually. Also, vets are of the opinion that monkeys are better off with their own kind rather being brought up by humans as they get mentally and emotionally disturbed when humans bring them up. Vets also feel that no matter how much an owner spoils or adores his or her pet monkey, the monkey will never adjust or fit into the home. They will invariably end up with behavior that can be termed as self destructive.

A monkey cannot be treated as a pet dog or cat. The animal requires a lot of attention and when they mature, their behavior is akin to a troubled and difficult child. Monkeys do not like crowded places with too many people and can become aggressive if they are thrust into such an environment.

Therefore, it can be safely said that monkey do not make good pets. You should think twice about the consequence of having monkey as a pet before you decide to adopt one. Be prepared to handle the monkey and its moods. Only if you are prepared to take on the huge responsibility, should you adopt a monkey. Do not adopt one at a whim or to fulfill some fantasy that you might harbor.

Which Birds Make Good Pets?

61Birds make great pets, but it requires making a good decision before you take on your new companion. A little knowledge before you make your choice can save you lots of headaches down the road and ensure that you and your new pet will get along just fine in the years to come. Purchasing a bird for a pet doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are birds that a very personable, like cockatiels and lovebirds, birds that talk, like parrots and mynah birds, those that sing, like canaries and those that are fun to watch, like finches.

Some of these traits cross over. For instance, male cockatiels can learn to talk and whistle. In fact, a friend of mine had one that liked to ask him, “Where’s my baby?” and even whistle the theme to the Andy Griffith show.

If you like smaller birds, you might go for finches, lovebirds or parakeets. If you are not intimidated by large birds, a parrot, macaw, cockatoo or conure might make a good companion.

If you are on a budget, get a Budgie, which is a Parakeet. They are not only affordable, but they make great pets for kids. Most of them are beautifully colored and they can be very affectionate if you spend time with them. Some even learn to talk.

If you want something more exotic and showy, try a large Parrot. They can learn to talk and do tricks and they love to show off. These brightly colored birds can also be very affectionate once you have earned their trust.

Certainly, this is not an all inclusive list of birds that make good pets. Some people even keep doves and pigeons, among others. One thing you don’t want to do is make a wild bird a pet. They don’t adapt well, they don’t take well to humans and they may carry diseases.

Typically, you can figure the bigger the bird, the bigger the mess. Birds can be messy because they get their food all over the place, especially when they are breaking shells from nuts and seeds. But it’s worth it. You can get supplies to help reduce this undesirable mess.

Don’t be in a hurry when you go shopping for your bird. Plan on spending some time looking at several birds. You will soon discover they have different personalities. If you are a laid back person, you might want a laid back bird. If you are outgoing, you might want the one that is proactive and runs up to greet you as you approach the cage.

Remember, it’s cute to have a bird that talks, but they do not come with ‘on and off’ switches. If you are not prepared for a noisy bird, don’t get a parrot or a cockatoo. Certainly you can usually quiet them temporarily by putting a cover over their cage or putting them in a dark room, but this is not fair. Understand what you are getting into before you make a purchase or adopt your new friend.

Whichever bird you decide is right for you as a pet, be fair and make sure you are going to be dedicated to giving your new friend a happy home. Birds like these enjoy attention and need proper care. If you take good care of them, you may be companions with them for decades, so be prepared to take on the responsibility.

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

60Ferrets are beautiful animals, small, sleek, curious, and loving. It is very easy to fall in love with a ferret, but before you decide to buy one as a pet make sure that you have done your research and are well prepared. It is better to ask yourself do ferrets make good pets before you buy one rather than after.

Purchasing a new pet means you are adding a new member to your family, this sort of decision should not be based on impulse but should be thought through thoroughly. A new animal will require a serious time commitment, and you should be prepared for this both for your sake and to be fair to your new pet ferret.

Like any other pet you must be able to ensure that your new pet ferret has a good quantity of fresh food and clean water. The cage that he lives in has to be cleaned regularly, and there must be an outdoor area where they can get adequate exercise on a daily basis.

A pet ferret is like a new baby, they require a lot of attention which means a lot of time. If this is a particularly busy time in your life, and you do not think you will have the time to spend with your new pet ferret, then perhaps you should reconsider and wait for a more appropriate time.

Your new pet ferret will also require regular visits to the vet for routine physicals and to keep up their vaccinations. There is also a chance that your ferret will catch a disease or other illness at some point in its life. Are you prepared financially to cover the costs of these visits?

Although ferrets can make excellent pets, there are some countries that do not allow them to be kept as such. In America you must also check that your local and state laws do not forbid you from keeping a ferret as a pet.

Why Turtles Make Good Pets

59Turtles and tortoises can make for good pets and can be immense fun to just observe and interact with. The more time you devote researching about the needs of these very affectionate reptiles, the better your time with your turtle will be and better suited type of turtle you will get. Though turtles are not cuddly and can not be hugged for warmth, they are still cute and make great pets.

Prior to getting a turtle as a pet, it is quite important to do all the research pertaining to raising a turtle as a pet. You must, primarily decide what species of turtle you desire to bring home supplemented with information about their food pattern and habitat requirements. Aquatic turtles enjoy a long life span, very often as long as a human and with a properly cared for and regulated lifestyle can live for as much as 20- 50 years.

Of course, all this can be only accomplished by a pet owner who is committed and diligent enough to care for them that long. The more common pet turtle kind is the small terrestrial and fresh water turtle and is very popular with children. Outside pens are an ideal habitat for turtles because nothing can surpass natural sunshine, fresh air and lush green grass to graze on. Turtles are also economic pets because of their low maintenance and lifestyle. Turtles love to eat from the hand, though hands should be washed immediately after feeding.

The best turtle type for children is the Mud or Musk turtle. Turtles serve as a great, exotic and affectionate pet only if the pet and master relationship is perused with commitment, integrity and sincerity. Pet owners should be attentive about their pet’s comfort which includes a large tank, special lighting, good filtration and lots and lots of cleaning. For rookie pet parents, the best choice of species would be the red eared sliders who adapt more easily to different climates, are used to a captive environment and respond graciously in the presence of people. They are also less likely to harbor any diseases and parasites.

If the tank is regularly cleaned and washed thoroughly, special lighting is also provided with an artificially heated source and if the turtle is regularly exposed to UV light for the manufacture of Vitamin D, then pet turtles will be a thrill to watch grow healthily and will be prove to be the right choice of pets. Feeding your turtle with only commercial turtle food isn’t always enough and should be supplemented with raw meat, fish, worms, insects and aquatic animals as well. Most turtles are omnivores and will eat anything.

While it may all seem like a demanding job, turtles still make for rewarding and wonderfully exotic pets if taken care of by right hands. They are especially good for reptile lovers and people who want an easy to care for pet.

5 Reasons Why Chinchillas Make Good Pets

chinchilla en magasin

A lot of people are looking for exotic pets to make them stand out from other pet owners. With a variety of animals, reptiles and even insects to choose from, you’ll probably find it difficult to make a choice. One of the most unusual choices for a pet would be a Chinchilla. Not everything would have this in mind for an excellent choice, but of course we are all diverse individuals with unique quirks. These furry rodents are considered to be fun loving and can provide you with a lot of amusement. If you happen to be a nocturnal person, you’ll definitely enjoy having a Chinchilla as a pet.

Below are 5 reasons why they’d make for a good pick for your pet needs:

1. Inexpensive in terms of feeding – Of course, a lot of people nowadays have started to consider the state of the economy more so than ever. This would mean that they’d want to actually save up on expenses. This is also applicable to animals which we’d love to look after and feed. With a chinchilla, all you need is fresh water, a nice and clean cage, some pellets, a dust bath and timothy.

2. Beneficial for owners with allergies – A lot of people easily get nasally irritated or succumb to some allergy attacks when it comes to other animals. However, with a chinchilla, you won’t be experiencing anything of the sort. This makes them a good choice for house pets.

3. No parasites – With dogs and cats, you have to constantly watch out for ticks and fleas. However, the fur coats of Chinchillas are quite thick. This makes it difficult for tiny organisms such as parasites to burrow through. These make these lovable rodents safe for your health.

4. Rare cases of illness – As long as you provide proper care for your pet Chinchilla, you won’t even experience any situations of them getting sick. Despite male rodents getting fur rings every now and then, or some fur fungus in both sexes, you won’t have a lot to worry about.

5. Cute and cuddly – Chinchillas are exotic pets which are truly adorable to have. Each one has its own personality. You can even find a few who are happy, grumpy, nutty and wild. If you have a few more you’d like to add for pet care, you would definitely have a lot of fun having them around in your safekeeping.