Do Fish Make Good Pets for Your Child?

69Fish, fish, and more fish. Who doesn’t love to look at beautiful fish swimming and diving in clear clean water? Do fish make a good pet? Here is the down and dirty on fish so you can decide if fish work for your family as the family pet.

Fish are not cuddly. Fish do not lick, bite, fetch, or give any feedback to the owner but pure appearances with their antics in the water. If you don’t need a pet you can touch and hold fish may be the perfect pet for your child.

Consider the cost of the fish and replacing the ones that flop over sideways from too much food or water temperature issues. Fish are relatively inexpensive compared to other pets even when they may need to be replaced every so often.

Fish tanks and fish bowls come in all sizes from a one gallon gold fish bowl to big 200 gallon tanks with pumps and lights. Tanks now come in wooden cases that become a part of the décor in your home. They come in tall shapes and oblong shapes and fit into most any space you find in your home.

Children can take an active part in picking the tank decorations and plants that are needed for the fish. They can learn the upkeep by helping to clean the tank, feed the fish daily, and watch the thermometer to report changes in water temperature.

Fish do not need much care if you need to be gone. They have weekly feeders that can dispense food gradually over time while you are away. There are timers to put the light on and off when no one is around and heaters for the water so the temperature can be the same for weeks on end.

Angel fish, black molly fish, zebra fish, guppies, gold fish, you name it there are thousands of fresh water fish to choose to keep your tank attractive and keep your child interested. Salt water tanks offer another environment for a wide variety of sea creatures but keep in mind that salt water tanks take a tad bit more effort to keep the fish healthy. The water has to be just right for the salt water fish to survive.

Oh yes, and fish do poop. If you don’t have a filter, the water in a bowl or small tank will need to be changed frequently to keep it clear and odor free.

Fish make a great pet for children. They do not need to be potty trained, they don’t usually bite, they stay contained in their environment, and children only need to feed and observe. After the initial expense of the tank and fish, feeding is a minimal cost and the enjoyment is priceless minus of course the missing cuddle factor.