Rescued Border Collies

71There is little doubt that Border Collies are amongst the most intelligent of canines, if not the most intelligent. That is a trait that allows them to successfully herd other animals, especially when directed by human. This trait can be traced back directly to their ancestral connection to wolves and wild dogs. We can see why they excel at herding when you watch a pack of wild dogs or wolves when they are stalking their prey. This was highlighted recently in graphic detail by filming from a helicopter revealed the way the different animals paired off and went in different directions to encircle their prey, and shown on a television programme.

However, it is this instinctive nature and inbuilt intelligence that can get them into trouble, especially rescued border collies. This is because people often take them in as pets from rescue centres. Whilst this may seem like a reasonable idea on the face of it, it often leads to problems once the animal arrives at home. This is because of the Border Collie`s nature. They are not lapdogs. Neither will they loaf around all day waiting to go for a quick walk after dinner. They are traditional working dogs. It is inbuilt. If they are not worked during the day, they become bored and listless and develop psychological problems.

It is not unknown for them to attack other animals in circumstances where they are suffering from psychological problems through lack of exercise. This is not because they are nasty or vicious, but simply they become over zealous. They are the breed most often associated with sheep worrying. This is an obvious problem related to the nature of their normal work on a farm. So are we saying that you should never take a rescued border collie as a pet?

Well yes, and no! What I would recommend, and so do the experts, is that you can find a crossbreed. In fact, these types of dogs often have the best of both worlds. They have the instinctive intelligence that owners would like in their animal coupled with a slightly more placid behavioural attitude. I was fortunate enough to come across a wonderful Border Collie cross whilst actively searching for `a dog` for my wife. She had been brought up on a farm, so she naturally was used to being around animals, particularly dogs. We were at a nearby rescue centre when a young girl came in with a box full of puppies. They had been thrown into a nearby canal to die and she had rescued them. We immediately fell in love with one particular one and named it Jack, only to realise later that Jack was a bitch! So Jack became Jackie!

If you are considering taking in a rescued dog, you will want to be forearmed with the necessary information about which type of dog you want, and the best type for your situation. However, for all round performance, you will not do much better than a Border Collie cross.

If you would like more information about Rescued Border Collies, why not take a look at my website below where you will find all the information you need, plus you can find out more about how we coped with Jackie.