Are Fish Good Pets?

72Are Fish Good Pets?

Many people think that the best alternative to a dog or cat is a Fish. Why not, right? They don’t bark, they don’t have a litter box to clean, they are easy! Well, that is really not the case.

First off, if you plan to have a several fish, you need to invest in the proper size tank, with a filter system, heater, thermometer, aquarium and fish food. So the initial investment can range from around $60-$100 for a 10 Gallon Tank with all components. Not that inexpensive is it?

Next you have to buy the fish, you need about one gallon of water per fish. Fish prices vary depending on the fish you want but you have to be careful that the fish you buy will all be able to coexist as some may attack the others.

Once you have your tank set up, you simply feed the fish according to the feeding instructions and your done, right? Not so fast. With a fish tank, you are supposed to change ¼ of the water each month. You will have to ensure the water sits out at least 24-48 hours to make sure it is safe to add to the tank. You will also have to test the pH in the tank to ensure it is balanced and will have to treat if necessary.

Also dependent upon the brand of your filter, you will need to change various components within the filter monthly as well.