Do cultural origins have an effect on audit? Once matched pairs had been observed


The researchers then checked them towards flags for accounting first-rate, along with accruals management, accounting restatements, accounting conservatism and going challenge statements. The studies protected 2,082 auditor-CFO pairs and 2,034 auditor-CEO combinations. While the auditor-CEO courting yielded little of note, researchers observed decrease stages of profits management, much less danger of restatement, extra accounting conservatism and extra going challenge statements at organizations in which the CFO and audit companions had names from a comparable background.

‘We offer a number of the primary proof that cultural proximity among auditors and CFOs has full-size affects on a couple of components of audit first-rate,’ the authors write. The studies follows mounting proof that the private attributes of executives and audit companions have an effect on outcomes. The authors factor to a bit of new studies displaying how the first-rate of audit companions can have an effect on underpricing in preliminary public offerings. Another paper shows man or woman auditor associate first-rate, decided via way of means of training and experience, would possibly have an effect on audit outcomes. Elsewhere, an research discovered how narcissism in CEOs is related with ‘over-investment’ and decrease profits. (Intriguingly, this observe used the scale of a CEO’s signature as a proxy for narcissism.)

Proximity breeds connection But studies has to this point neglected the cultural hyperlinks among auditors and customer executives. The authors, Anh Viet Pham, Mia Hang Pham and Cameron Truong (of Newcastle, Massey and Monash commercial enterprise schools) trust cultural proximities are critical due to the fact they could ‘breed connections’ and ‘facilitate cooperation’. They, in turn, could ‘beautify each the amount and first-rate’ of statistics shared among CFO and auditor, which might assist triumph over the ‘uneven information’ flows that plague audit relationships. In different words, near cultural hyperlinks must draw auditors towards CFOs, which must, in turn, assist engagement companions get right of entry to higher statistics approximately their clients. There are sturdy motives for analyzing auditor-CFO relationships, say the authors.

Firstly, maximum research of auditor independence awareness on customer organizations hiring former audit companions, or auditors and bosses attending the identical university. This state-of-the-art studies provides a brand new measurement to the know-how of this key courting. ‘We report that interpersonal elements among auditors and CFOs materially have an effect on audit outcomes,’ write the authors.

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